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We have grown exponentially over the years. The company that started with strength of only 5 people a few years back now employs more than 25+ professionals. Not only in terms of employees, we have also expanded in terms of our space, infrastructure, and work. Over the years, we have been able to manifold our revenue, successfully. We are happy that we are moving at a good pace. We are happy that we have grown homogeneously. And, above all, we are happy that we have been able to keep our internal and external clients happy!

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We have been catering to multiple repeat customers since our inception, and we believe this is only because we have delivered flawless projects. Not only our clients have appreciated us, but have spread the word of mouth to other customers too. And, this is the way we have covered our journey, and we believe that it is just a start, because we have a long way to go and grow.

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